Marathoners on their last leg, or anyone pushing through walls of self-imposed limitation experience an euphoria, the "runner's high". We live for those ecstatic thrills induced by extreme pleasure, while being absorbed by one or by an orchestral interplay of all five senses, the spirit-mind-body troika intensified.

ENDORPHINATION is so much more
than an organic, neurotransmitter cocktail of stimulated peptide hormones.

Sunday, June 30, 2013




This is not concerning the usual Mercury Rx REpercussions---computer crashes, automobile immune deficiencies, the pREdicatable snafus according to tradition---though, of course, these inconveniences will more than likely occur. There is a schemata, a design in motion far more disruptive than communication bREakdowns---it's about bREakthroughs.   

 The ensuing Grand Water Trine aligns Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio. Pisces REpresents the collective consciousness. Cancer is the emotional body's REpository. Scorpio is the sign associated with spiritual alchemy and REsurrection. These three planets are acting as buoys demarcating the route by which Mercury passes, tapping into the Akashic aquifer underlying the macro-micro-Galactic Ocean. Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn are placeholders in their REspective signs.

 What's happening now, Mercury's curREnt REtrograde through Cancer is affecting humanity in order to assimilate more effectively, to feel on a gut level the two major seeds planted in the collective mind when Mercury was REtrograde in Pisces during the first half of February: GROUP RESPONSIBILITY* and NOURISHMENT*. Look back over the year to date and see the many news stories that REflect how these two themes have stirred and roused individuals comprising the collective: misogyny, homophobia, racism, MONSANTO, NSA, et alia.

 The systemic diseases are rising to the surface to be acknowledged, to be healed. Mercury's message in watery Cancer is for us all to reach deep within and excavate a profound feeling that connects us to one another and our true NatuRE. We are being encouraged to move past the anger, hatred, divisiveness, the elitism, the segregation ensconced, mirrored back to us in government and corporation. Can we vindicate a FREEDOM FROM SOCIAL RIGIDITY* and REdiscover our HUMANITARIANISM*?
*: A reverential nod to Master, Dane Rudhyar, for these archetypal themes.

Friday, June 28, 2013




Forty-four years ago today, the Stonewall Riots, considered the commencement of Gay Liberation, broke out in a blaze of undiminished glory.   The Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo had separated with Jupiter smack dab in the middle of the two forming an explosive ménage a trois at the onset of the Summer of Love.   Another relevant alignment, possessing great meaning and beauty, Venus in the second house of self esteem is sitting across from her higher octave partner, Neptune, in the eighth house of higher love and soul alchemy.   Both planets are in harmonious angles to the previously mentioned connubial troika in the seventh house of marriage.   The seventh house stellium was creating a morphic resonance for future manifestation, perhaps?

 Equally as significant, Mercury at the solar plexus of the Stonewall chart is opposing Luna Goddess two degrees away from the Great Attractor.   The MC is within four degrees of the Galactic Center.   It was as if Mercury acted like a parabolic receptor grounding the high minded, judicious principles of the noble Sagittarian spirit above, disseminating, planting those ideals into the collective mind field thus below.

 How uncanny, two days earlier this week, DOMA is struck down, thereby furthering the reality of marriage equality for all amidst the ensuing Uranus-Pluto square.   When studying the event chart for the moment DOMA was struck down in synastry, Stonewall's Venus/Neptune opposition is now the crowning finial of DOMA's chart at the MC/IC axis.   The Stonewall seventh house stellium has reconcilled residence in DOMA's second house of self worth.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Analogous to the individuation process, there comes a time when the consciousness of an individual embraces, embodies the complete ontos, all the life experience, past and present that has brought one to a junction of mindful reflection. Is it really a question of whether humanity is supposed to survive, as it is about being positioned at the nexus of transcending 3D constructs set in place that maintain disempowerment of the species? Dialectical materialism has propelled social evolution since the beginning. However, change has effected an endemic population in its quadrant of the world without necessarily sustaining global systemic change. Never before in history---at least recorded history---has humanity, as a grassroots collective, come together, one global body seeking a cure for what ails humankind. Isn't that sound reason enough for a glimmer of hope?






As the tension and crescendo of en masse voices heard around the world are mounting, it's the tenor of revolutionary change that is pealed above the clangor. Millions and millions are filled with the rage of "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore". The anger of being taken advantage of, lied to and stolen from is being heard marching in the streets, a concerted effort to dismantle the crooked cornerstone upon which a criminal convolution was constructed.

The Full Moon @ 3 Capricorn is an in your face, "super moon", reaching its closest position to Earth on 23 June 2013. Luna is driving her point home: the Collective Will's patience, endurance and forthrightness are being put to the test as the mobilized desire to overcome disempowerment at the hands of those who gorged themselves on the benighted downtrodden is culminating at high tide.

Yet, as the urge to tear down infrastructures crests, what exactly is the interpersonal manifesto driving the initiative? Is it change for change sake? Can it be believed humanity is finally coming together, with one purpose fulfilling the needs as one family? The catabolic process inherent in dialectic social synthesis releases vast amounts of stored energy propelling evolution forward---construction on the detritus of destruction. However, in its quest for new order, what fortifying principles are the mainstay for humanity's collective soul? Will the masses that rallied against the old order remain present at the instillation, the installation of said new order ensuring the truths held as self evident are embodied by and for all? Or, like the "summer of love" theme during the Pluto-Uranus conjunction, will we hum a few bars while we get on with business as usual, the idealistic lyrics lost in the undertow of greed and abuse of power once again?