Marathoners on their last leg, or anyone pushing through walls of self-imposed limitation experience an euphoria, the "runner's high". We live for those ecstatic thrills induced by extreme pleasure, while being absorbed by one or by an orchestral interplay of all five senses, the spirit-mind-body troika intensified.

ENDORPHINATION is so much more
than an organic, neurotransmitter cocktail of stimulated peptide hormones.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

8 of Cups:
Under the auspice of the full moon @ 1 Aquarius, deep stirrings compel the soul to put aside, depart from what once provided comfort and contentment. The concretization that comes about through sentimental attachment to tribal dynamics, the secure (yet tenuous) sense of belonging, being accepted as member of a group no longer has lasting appeal.  A formless ideal is beckoning from unchartered horizons, promising  more in the way of enrichment, spiritual nourishment.

Ancient incantations, invocations are being whispered across landscapes now riddled by delusional designs filling up desperate, empty spaces. The soul wants to exit edifice artifice that stores the merchandized buying and selling of commodity fetishes.  Being sold a bill of goods keeps one enslaved to surreptitious commerce spiraling hopelessly in unnatural rinse and repeat cycles.

It is neither a renunciation of conviviality nor fond fellowship of stimulating exchange that is being abandoned, altogether.  Rather, formulation of a new sustainable world once shared with others in lofty conceptualization has propelled an impetus to seek and find where noble enterprise is becoming a realization. Endeavors that once required one to be a placeholder, a cocooning crucible of transformation within  proscribed places are now complete. It is finished. Commit thy spirit to an even higher purpose of apotheosis.

There is a bold quixotic yearning, indeed, to dare "to dream the impossible dream" awake and alive like never before.  New kith and kin eagerly await your arrival.  Bid fond farewell and gratitude to old acquaintances. Forget them not, for they were conveyances that transported one to this pivotal crossroads on the soul's path toward transfiguration. ~ Jost

"The untold want by life and land ne'er granted,
Now, voyager, sail thou forth, to seek and find." ~ Whitman

Sunday, June 30, 2013




This is not concerning the usual Mercury Rx REpercussions---computer crashes, automobile immune deficiencies, the pREdicatable snafus according to tradition---though, of course, these inconveniences will more than likely occur. There is a schemata, a design in motion far more disruptive than communication bREakdowns---it's about bREakthroughs.   

 The ensuing Grand Water Trine aligns Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio. Pisces REpresents the collective consciousness. Cancer is the emotional body's REpository. Scorpio is the sign associated with spiritual alchemy and REsurrection. These three planets are acting as buoys demarcating the route by which Mercury passes, tapping into the Akashic aquifer underlying the macro-micro-Galactic Ocean. Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn are placeholders in their REspective signs.

 What's happening now, Mercury's curREnt REtrograde through Cancer is affecting humanity in order to assimilate more effectively, to feel on a gut level the two major seeds planted in the collective mind when Mercury was REtrograde in Pisces during the first half of February: GROUP RESPONSIBILITY* and NOURISHMENT*. Look back over the year to date and see the many news stories that REflect how these two themes have stirred and roused individuals comprising the collective: misogyny, homophobia, racism, MONSANTO, NSA, et alia.

 The systemic diseases are rising to the surface to be acknowledged, to be healed. Mercury's message in watery Cancer is for us all to reach deep within and excavate a profound feeling that connects us to one another and our true NatuRE. We are being encouraged to move past the anger, hatred, divisiveness, the elitism, the segregation ensconced, mirrored back to us in government and corporation. Can we vindicate a FREEDOM FROM SOCIAL RIGIDITY* and REdiscover our HUMANITARIANISM*?
*: A reverential nod to Master, Dane Rudhyar, for these archetypal themes.

Friday, June 28, 2013




Forty-four years ago today, the Stonewall Riots, considered the commencement of Gay Liberation, broke out in a blaze of undiminished glory.   The Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo had separated with Jupiter smack dab in the middle of the two forming an explosive ménage a trois at the onset of the Summer of Love.   Another relevant alignment, possessing great meaning and beauty, Venus in the second house of self esteem is sitting across from her higher octave partner, Neptune, in the eighth house of higher love and soul alchemy.   Both planets are in harmonious angles to the previously mentioned connubial troika in the seventh house of marriage.   The seventh house stellium was creating a morphic resonance for future manifestation, perhaps?

 Equally as significant, Mercury at the solar plexus of the Stonewall chart is opposing Luna Goddess two degrees away from the Great Attractor.   The MC is within four degrees of the Galactic Center.   It was as if Mercury acted like a parabolic receptor grounding the high minded, judicious principles of the noble Sagittarian spirit above, disseminating, planting those ideals into the collective mind field thus below.

 How uncanny, two days earlier this week, DOMA is struck down, thereby furthering the reality of marriage equality for all amidst the ensuing Uranus-Pluto square.   When studying the event chart for the moment DOMA was struck down in synastry, Stonewall's Venus/Neptune opposition is now the crowning finial of DOMA's chart at the MC/IC axis.   The Stonewall seventh house stellium has reconcilled residence in DOMA's second house of self worth.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Analogous to the individuation process, there comes a time when the consciousness of an individual embraces, embodies the complete ontos, all the life experience, past and present that has brought one to a junction of mindful reflection. Is it really a question of whether humanity is supposed to survive, as it is about being positioned at the nexus of transcending 3D constructs set in place that maintain disempowerment of the species? Dialectical materialism has propelled social evolution since the beginning. However, change has effected an endemic population in its quadrant of the world without necessarily sustaining global systemic change. Never before in history---at least recorded history---has humanity, as a grassroots collective, come together, one global body seeking a cure for what ails humankind. Isn't that sound reason enough for a glimmer of hope?






As the tension and crescendo of en masse voices heard around the world are mounting, it's the tenor of revolutionary change that is pealed above the clangor. Millions and millions are filled with the rage of "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore". The anger of being taken advantage of, lied to and stolen from is being heard marching in the streets, a concerted effort to dismantle the crooked cornerstone upon which a criminal convolution was constructed.

The Full Moon @ 3 Capricorn is an in your face, "super moon", reaching its closest position to Earth on 23 June 2013. Luna is driving her point home: the Collective Will's patience, endurance and forthrightness are being put to the test as the mobilized desire to overcome disempowerment at the hands of those who gorged themselves on the benighted downtrodden is culminating at high tide.

Yet, as the urge to tear down infrastructures crests, what exactly is the interpersonal manifesto driving the initiative? Is it change for change sake? Can it be believed humanity is finally coming together, with one purpose fulfilling the needs as one family? The catabolic process inherent in dialectic social synthesis releases vast amounts of stored energy propelling evolution forward---construction on the detritus of destruction. However, in its quest for new order, what fortifying principles are the mainstay for humanity's collective soul? Will the masses that rallied against the old order remain present at the instillation, the installation of said new order ensuring the truths held as self evident are embodied by and for all? Or, like the "summer of love" theme during the Pluto-Uranus conjunction, will we hum a few bars while we get on with business as usual, the idealistic lyrics lost in the undertow of greed and abuse of power once again?


Monday, May 20, 2013

There are those who first see the dawn breaking through darkness. They can't contain the enthusiasm for what they behold. They earnestly endeavor to arouse and awaken those who still slumber, ignorant to the imminent light approaching. "What's this you're saying? Leave me alone! It's too early. Can't you see we're trying to sleep?" Ignorance and denial cast an umbrage over an inevitability.

Then as the light becomes prevalent at a later hour, the sleepers awaken and exclaim, "Oh, look here is the sun!" as if they're the ones seeing it for the first time.
Dane Rudhyar grouped together the three outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) naming them the "Ambassadors of the Galaxy". These three meta-musical spheres are awakening human consciousness out of the mundane world via transmission to the corporeal body-mind-spirit troika from the vast Cosmic Field of Potentiality.

Presently, Uranus in Aries represents the awakening biopsychic individual wresting free from rigid structure, a long-standing tradition of beliefs built upon falsehood and deceit. Neptune in Pisces is opening the floodgates of the Akashic repository. Here is the storehouse where, despite the victors' concealment of what really happened throughout history, the vibrational imprint remains encoded within muscles, bones, DNA---the vast oceanic collective consciousness of which we are droplets. Pluto in Capricorn is slowly eating away at the Edifice Rex of conventionality tenuously held together by the mortar of indoctrinated fear and ignorance masquerading as education, allegiance and happily ever after under sinister auspices.

Between 2012 - 2015 Uranus and Pluto aspect seven times to form their epochal shifting square while Neptune stands by quite literally cueing from the orchestra pit. The Seven squares will further activate the seven chakras, the key of ANKH turning the ignition of the Star Tetrahedron Merkaba opening up to the Seven Heavens guarded by the Seven ArchAngels.

7:7:7 = 21 = 3

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Van Zandt Ellis aka DAVID: Photo by Mary K. Burnitt, 1987
Before Whitley Streiber published his book, COMMUNION, in 1987, there was a period of four years while living in Manhattan, beginning in 1984, when I, too, had, shall we say, Interdimensional exchanges. During these astral body exchanges, seeds of consciousness were implanted within my inner landscape by Interdimensional Entities.

These "seeds" have been gestating as I've been integrating, individuating over the last 29 years.

Granted, the concept seems like science fiction. I assure you it is not. I have a quite noticeable gash resembling Harry Potter's lightening bolt birthmark, running from the top of my forehead to the ajna/pineal center, appearing after one of the many astral "download exchanges".

During this intensive four-year period, I did extensive spiritual work with trans-channel and pianist, Van Zandt Ellis. Van Zandt was brilliant, eccentric, visionary---a Fulbright scholar who became a protege of Ilona Kabos and the pianist-titan, Julius Katchen. He was a semi-finalist in the International Tchaikovsky Competition, Moscow, 1971. On the spiritual side, Van Zandt was a close friend and pupil of the late, great Jane Roberts. Before she transitioned, Ms. Roberts handed over the mantle of SETH to Van Zandt who could then continue giving a voice to the non-localized consciousness we know as Seth.

Van Zandt also traveled extensively in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, South America, Indonesia and Pacific. As a matter of fact, in his many travels to the Great Pyramid, he made friends with the guards there. In Van Zandt's inimitable way, he charmed the sentry allowing him to climb to the top of the pyramid after hours. This provided an opportunity for him to commune and meditate at midnight under the stars. It was on one of his treks to the Great Pyramid that he had an idea to scale the construct and drop a rose quartz crystal of mine through an aperture at the finial. Thus, thanks to him, there is a piece of Jost van Dyke implanted within the bowels of the Great Pyramid. Little did I know at the time, there was a method to Van Zandt's madness.

I had the great good fortune to be a member of a small group that would convene every third Friday in Van Zandt's Greenwich Village apartment. Quite similar to Seth and Bashar sessions, we had the privilege to participate in the transmission of information years before the material became more mainstream. DAVID was the primary non-localized consciousness Van Zandt transmitted, though SETH and other non-locals would drop in making frequent appearances, as well.

After my beloved friend and mentor, Van Zandt transitioned, embarking on his "grandest adventure" yet, I lost touch with the coterie of individuals who worked with DAVID, as well. It's been over 25 years since we last convened. However, a couple of weeks ago, I received in the mail, quite inexplicably, serendipitously woo woo, a CD with over 13 hours of recorded sessions in which I participated. How in the world did this treasure find its way to me? Only DAVID and Van Zandt know for sure.

I AM in the process of transcribing isolated kernels from these sessions. I AM delighted to share these with the ENDORphiNATION community.

As was foretold years ago, these "seed downloads" are now being activated and coming to fruition. Here is a brief excerpt taken from a session in 1984:

"You will each remember from certain future dream activity, pacts of energy transmitted directly into your body. It will be an alignment of certain beliefs which can expand your Nature and further the range of your sensitivity. There will be ones among you who will begin to do work in the astral body in a more conscious way. It will be work augmented at this time (1984) because of connections that have recently been made. There are going to be certain dream visitations in which you are exchanging forms of energy with other types of Beings.

There will be the seeding of a new landscape. It will be ONE PERSONAL ONE. It will be ONE PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION. It will be the RETURN OF THE ONE SOURCE---GOD BEING ALL."


Wednesday, May 15, 2013


While everyone is up in arms about labeling our food with GMO warnings, the Monsanto Protection Act, Monsanto's executives appointed to the FDA and EPA coupled with the U.S. State Department pushing a global bioseed industry agenda are directives ensuring that a "better homes and gardens proposition" is filed under futile redundancy. Why bother? ALL food will be genetically engineered, modified or otherwise contaminated by hazardous chemicals planted in the ground or dropped from the sky.

Sadly, a large majority of consumers have NOT made a connection between food allergies and related autoimmune disorders. For those of you who suffer from such disorders as Lupus, have you stopped to consider the cause might be wheat/gluten intolerance? Health care reform in alliance with BIG PHARMA are counting on you to maintain your unhealthy dietary choices. Keep the leviathan satiated with prevalent DIS-EASE while the food chain is manipulated and engineered.

The tenuous symbiotic balance between the greedy, menacing Morloks and the complacent yet clueless Eloi has been a literary reference of mine for several years. It was a horrifying metaphor that I thought would help rouse people from their slumber before it was too late. In 2004, the reference was somewhat funny, I suppose. 2013, it's no laughing matter. As silly as it may read, what was once science fiction is becoming Wellsian cold hard facts realized.
PRISM 11: JostFoto
Containers that once stored the identity of possessiveness, defining the limitations of safe keeping, have become much too small to behold an expanding individuation. Nascent conceptualization can no longer be delineated within mere words that comprise an antiquated lexicon. A primeval photon vibrancy of 10 billion suns transmitted from the Galactic Root Chakra Orgasm of Now is finally reaching earth. Immeasurable light source frequency encodes a biopsychic meta-language that instills new meaning and purpose. As a result, humanity's relationship with containment of an externalized world, as it was once intended, is burst wide open----a glass shattered by a high pitched voice. There are no words to describe it. Fairly soon, "contain multitudes" will be expressed in comprehension of the boundless multidimensional vastness of ONE.

Friday, May 10, 2013




*CROP CIRCLES* are a form of 2D holographic notation, hieroglyphs representing a quantum magnetic morphic field transmitted from the Interdimensional Realm onto the 2D Telluric Realm. The communication script speaks in a meta-language transcribed upon Nature's canvas, as opposed to synthetic, encoded computer hypertext.

Representational resonance is a frequency directive assisting a new emerging bio-psychic species of multidimensional Ascending Light Bodies. This is a collective that incarnated at this epochal time to initiate raising the frequency of Earth.

To be sure, it's been an arduous process. Yet, the Earth Plane is now prepared to receive the work many of us have been brought here, longing to accomplish. We are replicants embodying Gaia's Etheric Core awakening, arising after millennia of repression and oppression.

The HALLS OF AMENTI are unlocked, opening tablets of arcane wisdom.

Divine Timing is everything. That time is NOW.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

On the 43rd anniversary of Kent State: 


  There are major geographical events looming on the horizon for this country. Gaia is a highly sentient being who responds in kind to stimuli emanating from the collective emotional body electric. Her present rumblings and expulsions are reflective of humanity's writhing and tortured pleas resulting from deep-seated wounds, guilt, denial and suppressed pain.
Mother Earth is reaching out, speaking to us all. She is communicating that we are inextricably connected to her and to each other. What we inflict upon ourselves, upon each other, upon her causes grave circumstances with catastrophic repercussions. That's a fact.

Thus, sitting in our comfortable homes here in America while innocent children are being bombed by our government overseas will inevitably boomerang back. Quite frankly...what's it all for?

Therefore, conversely, if enough people are aware of a disastrous potentiality, an assembled mass mind visualizing a beneficent outcome can work miracles. Even if that means shouting from the rooftops, "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!" At the very least, the severity of impactful events can be diminished. Preparedness and first alert awareness are key components. Most importantly though, compassionate, conscientious stewardship of the inhabitants and their biosphere is paramount.

Friday, May 3, 2013


“I will sleep no more but arise, You oceans that have been calm within me! How I feel you, fathomless, stirring, preparing unprecedented waves and storms.”

"storming, enjoying, planning, loving, cautioning,
Backing and filling, appearing...
and disappearing,
I tread day and night such roads.”

“For we cannot tarry here,
We must march my darlings, we must bear the brunt of danger,
We, the youthful sinewy races, all the rest on us depend, Pioneers! O pioneers! ”

“Of Equality--as if it harm'd me, giving others the same chances and rights as myself--as if it were not indispensable to my own rights that others possess the same.”

“All music is what awakes within us
when we are reminded by the instruments;
It is not the violins or the clarinets -
It is not the beating of the drums -
Nor the score of the baritone singing
his sweet romanza; not that of the men's chorus,
Nor that of the women's chorus -
It is nearer and farther than they”

“Re-examine all you have been told at school or church or in any book, dismiss whatever insults your own soul; and your very flesh shall be a great poem, and have the richest fluency, not only in its words, but in the silent lines of its lips and face, and between the lashes of your eyes, and in every motion and joint of your body.”

― Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass




Mrs. Belden, my 7th grade Geography teacher, wrote in my yearbook "to the student who asked 5 million questions!". Was that an insult?   She wouldn't say.   Nevertheless, I make no apologies for having an inquiring mind, asking the most controversial, infuriating questions.


If Nibiru, Planet X, is approaching as many have reported, as I have been sensing and dreaming for many years, then perhaps part of Earth's climatic changes are connected to it's 3600 year return cycle. Is the decrease in the value of gold a symptom?  Is the rise of the zealot Zionist State another clue?  Is it more than coincidence that Nibiru's arrival coincides with Pluto in Capricorn---the exposure and dismantling of global plutocracy domination? If humanity is, indeed, a manufactured hybrid, "worker bee" race engineered by the gold mining Annunaki, a creation story foretold in ancient Sumerian cuneiform, it very well could be that the end of the world as we know it prophesized in Mayan oracles will pale in comparison.  Or, are the Grand Ouroboros and the Mayan calendar connected to the elliptical cycles of Nibiru?


As I have scribed many times before, ancient knowledge, long-time suppressed from, repressed by the collective mind, will be excavated.  Artifacts will seem to rise inexplicably to the surface.   Vast, oppressed occult wisdom will be assimilated by telluric osmosis.  "Sinister powers that are" will be unable to subjugate the magnetic allure.  Their futile attempts to do so will be as ludicrous as capturing mercurial quicksilver elusive beyond grasp.

"The eclipse portal is a wrinkle in time tattering the binder holding together humanity's historical documentation.  In other words, the history we have been taught is being ripped apart by supernal forces beyond our feeble control...Elements of a previous life up to this point are left trailing behind in a swirling dust cloud."  From Lunar Eclipse **DISCLOSURE** post, 25 April 2013


Wednesday, May 1, 2013



The "Seven Sisters" stellium star-cluster, The Pleiades, rises at dawn heralding the mid-point of Spring. Suspended amidst "no time", the curtain that separates center stage 3D theatre from the cues whispered from the telluric realm is lifted.

The Nature Spirits---the devas and faeries, the flora and fauna---are communicating; yet, how can anyone hear what's being sung when the entire Globe Theatre is engaged in dangling conversations. The blanket of static white noise that is techno-generated by "random talk without meaningful contents" shows a rude lack of phylogenetic patterns---it's a wall of sound without distinction screaming loudly toward the brink of extinction.

Beltane is a preternatural celebration of the Tree of Life, the representational phylogenetic trunk from which organisms, ALL organisms in the biosphere are related, connected---yes, even humanity. We are traversing the Eclipse Season when more veils are lifted disclosing what's been hidden before. As we ignite the Beltane bonfire, may it signify the Violet Flame of transmutation. The lower frequencies of opaque shadows are piled onto the pyre. And, the dross of delusion and deceit that cloak our true Nature are burned away lighting the night sky with emblematic embers of our astral home.

The once inescapable white noise will transmutate into "the infinite repetition of pattern in Nature---its immensity through sustained pure harmonies".


Tuesday, April 30, 2013



Here is the original Lunar Eclipse **DISCLOSURE** forecast posted last Thursday, 25 April 2013.   As you are aware, all around us the "Seeds of Disclosure" are sprouting:

 The Saturn and Mercury retrogrades in 2013 are inextricably linked to the eclipse portal 25 April to 24 May 2013.  When Saturn stations direct on 8 July, that event is concurrent the new moon @ 16'18" Cancer conjunct within 2 degrees Mercury @ 18"31" Cancer during Mercury's next retrograde in June and July. Saturn @ 4' 49" Scorpio will be within a degree conjunct the Lunar Eclipse degree @ 5' 46" Scorpio that occurred 25 April.  Furthermore, when Mercury stationed retrograde Saturday 23 February @ 19'52" Pisces, he formed a sextile to the Solar Eclipse degree @ 19'31" Taurus happening on 9 May---"Ascension Day".

Confusing?  That's not the half of what will confound over the next few weeks. Humanity is positioned at a pivotal nexus.  The eclipse portal is a wrinkle in time tattering the binder holding together humanity's historical documentation.  In other words, the history we have been taught is being ripped apart by supernal forces beyond our feeble control.  SEEDS OF DISCLOSURE are germinating, erupting through the top soil diseased by corruption.  The modus vivendi of a grassroots, hybrid "new human" species is beginning to show signs of mobilization and growth.

Unfortunately, not everyone or everything will soar where eagles fly.  Eclipses portend the ending of something, closing the door on the past.  Elements of a previous life up to this point are left trailing behind in a swirling dust cloud.  Let go of what's showing signs of disintegration.  Out of the sediment,

<Envision Permutations of Infinite Variety> 

More to follow....

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Pithy Prescient Perspicacity 42413


SKREYE #8: JostFoto

"No good deed goes unpunished." ~ Oscar Wilde

Humans can't accept what they are indoctrinated to not accept.   What can one expect when applicable faculties of reasoning are systematically trained to deduce, produce and reduce rather than to interconnect and interrelate?   Gender ambiguity, political divisiveness, religious furor, the demonization of foreign soil are proactive, conflicting ingredi
ents in a pea green soup morass on high simmer.

In the best of all possible worlds, charity, compassion, the cohabitation across specific borders are encouraged. Instead, sadly in most cases, these are denigrated qualities of the weak that can be manipulated, turned and twisted against even the most good-natured in favor of cruel intent and getting ahead.   Is that humanity's true nature?

"As a dog returns to its vomit, so fools repeat their folly." ~ Proverbs 26:11
"Man's mind is so formed that it is far more susceptible to falsehood than to truth."
~ Erasmus, from The Praise of Folly

One of the rudest awakenings for well-behaved constituents of a tribe is to have one of its marginal members introduce cognitive dissonance that disturbs dopamine levels.   Nevertheless, I wonder---
are New Age Gurus who propagate happy mantras du jour doing a disservice to humanity by keeping "users" "doped up" on the new opiate of the people?   Is it such a good thing to stay high on happy clouds when the world down below is going to hell in a hand basket due to addictive pursuits of the pleasure principle at all costs?   Is it a grand ploy to drip anesthesia into the mainstream while sinister machinations ensue under the noses of the stupefied?

Sunday, April 21, 2013



ARCHANGEL GABRIEL: Painting courtesy of
Mercury squares Pluto today, 21 April 2013.  The master soul alchemist Hermes Trismegistus stands vis a vis with the Lord of the Underworld surrounded by his plutocratic minions.  Hermes is providing us with sound judgment to detect their
expedient lies as plainly as the brandishing nose on Pinocchio's face.

I invoke Archangel Gabriel to wield his sword of Truth and cut through the insidious web of deceit that entangles.  May He sever the matrix cords of encodement that keep the masses disempowered and ignorant.  May the current events unfolding be the long leash that finally strangles the hounds of haughty hubris and malevolent megalomania.  May He awaken the power of discernment so that the faces of destruction are stripped of guise and guile.  May He grant clarity in order that once and for all the corrupt branches of government, the corporate principalities of darkness, are cut out, thus removing them permanently as cancerous malignancies.  May He help begin the process of healing individual minds and hearts whereby foster better choices made in the future.  May we remember "we are the ones we've been waiting for" is a personal manifesto of ennobled principles that is not elected into power nor politico-religio office.   May we come together:


"History is a Lie, our real past is kept from us.  Ponder the Merkabah." ~ Becher


Saturday, April 13, 2013


Mikhail Lermontov
I've always thought my ontological imperative was to be a pianist. That's the path taken since childhood, struggling against physical infirmity and ambient injunction that made expression rife with prohibition. It has been the pursuit of a distant oasis mirage that evaporates on the horizon.

Then there's this uncontrollable, unbridled intuitive insight that's been with me since the very beginning. Despite getting me into all kinds of trouble, sometimes within inches of life threatening circumstance, I still call it as I see it sans keeping up appearances.

So, why do I feel so compelled to write these days? Granted, being a "writer" has been a recurrent subject conveyed during many consultations with psychics over the years. I would just dismiss the information given as non-relevant. Nonetheless, here I am preternaturally driven to essay on spiritual and political themes---again, edging me ever closer to the firing squad, the pyre, the gallows.

If what my trusted, psychic-extraordinaire friend, Andrew Brewer said is true. If I am indeed this poet/novelist/painter's present incarnation---because, I find it both alluring and confounding. Then, the illuminating conversation with insightful writer friend, Ann Radtke Curry, has helped to assuage lingering doubts as to validation. Thank you, dear friends, for throwing out bread crumbs as I make my way through the fogbank.

The prescient poem below was scribed in another time, another place long ago, in a far away land. Yet, it feels as though I could've just as easily written them concerning events playing out today:


"There will come a dark time for Russia.
The tsar's crown will fall to the ground and,
the people will forget that they once loved him.
Many will be left with only the dead and blood for food;
Law will provide no shelter for innocent children and women.
When the plague of stinking, dead bodies
begins to rot amidst the grieving villages
and death stalking the living in its covered cowl.
When peace and quiet falls over those tormented regions
and the dawn reddens the river's waves:
On that very day there will appear a man of power
and you will recognize and know him,
by the sword in his hand:
and woe unto you! To your wailing, your groans;
he will just smile;
and everything about him will be horrible, gloomy,
concealed beneath his cloak-covered brow." ~ Mikhail Lermontov

Friday, April 12, 2013


Pithy Prescient Perspicacity 41213:

Pluto Retrograde 2013

Courtesy of Wombania
The institutionalization of religio-politico ideology has become inextricably entwined.  It has gone according to a well-conceived plan in order to keep humanity in line with an engineered program of disempowerment, yet under the guise of being otherwise. The intellectual pursuit of empirical knowledge, supposedly furthering the evolution of our species, has fostered science and technology, a glorified, one-eyed Cyclops attendant upon wealth and culture, subsidized by and furthering the agenda of the elite plutocracy.

What purpose is the advancement of civilization if humanity is out of touch with the conscious mind of Planet Earth?  Can we justify great progress at the cost of proper stewardship?  Why is there more attention given to the newest touch screen, plugged into the most current playlist rather than being enraptured by the wondrous beauty of Nature?  Are we so out of synch with the rhythmic current of the biosphere?  Could sub-terrestrial rumblings be likened to the utz feeling in the pit of the gut when sensing something is inexplicably not above board?  Is that the stench of mendacity in the air, a tell-tale sign of merchandized mutant crops, putrid pipelines, reckless endangerment? 

Over the next five months, we might see more mobilized masses marching to the beat of their own drum, out of step with the authoritarian drone of church, state and "expedient" scientific propaganda.  Don't be surprised if revered religious and political leaders are caught by the trappings instilled within by-laws they defend.  Hopefully, green will replace the primary reds and blues that blend into a more lavender hue, or encompass the whole rainbow spectrum. Grassroots directives will provide a more sustainable use of intellectual curiosity that benefits in lieu of detriments. Consider the splendor of grass bursting through cracks in cement and asphalt.
Isn't it amusing that a planet possessing four moons more than Earth should be demoted, dismissed to ineffectual dwarf status by the science club?  Expect Comedy Central when Pluto rises up from the depths, grabs and bites them all in the lower extremities.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013




The New Moon today, 10 April 2013, occurs in close proximity to Venus, Mars and Eris. Thematically, this stellium of astro-fluences surrounds the issues of empowerment versus brute force, the shadow play dynamic of anima/animus duality that comes down to all-encompassing fear of emptiness.

As music is open space, the silence between tones, ONTOS, the primeval state of being, is emptiness, a vacuum, the womb gestating PRIMA MATERIA before its manifestation. Analogous replication of Earth's fecundity, the ANIMA MUNDI, creates an inner yearning, a yin desire seeking fulfillment. Conflict results when, rather than remaining comfortably present in the void, trusting that needs will be met, yang aggressiveness dominates in order to satisfy a hunger.  Against all odds, the masculine principle will attack obstacles and opponents standing in the way. Thus, essentially, a lot of decisive action is forced, mobilized by fear of naked emptiness. Consequently, a litany of justifications ensue over unquenchable wants conquered by costly measures.

Manifestation is a good thing.  That is provided the motivation behind it benefits the highest good for all. Are the choices at hand impelled by beneficent transpersonal guidance? Because, Lord knows, look around and see just how many best intentions paved a superhighway to hell on earth.


Monday, April 8, 2013



SKREYE 8: JostFoto
Just as individuals have experienced "ascension symptoms" over the last few years, Gaia, too, is transforming. The tremendous electromagnetic, galactic light source downloads continue to transpose our biosphere from a low-frequency carbon-based construct to a crystalline one. The amalgamation of severe wounds suffered by the density of immeasurable lies endured are being surgically removed by laser-like photon energy.

Restless sleep patterns due to inexplicable pains in the body are analogous to an accelerated increase in seismic activity. The collective emotional body is healing. We are re-learning by our own devices. For the first time in a very long time, we are feeling again without the indoctrination of how to manuals schooled in disempowering dinosaur pedantry generated by a dominant male paradigm. We are shaking off, sloughing off the shackles that chain us to the sins of our father's, father's father farther back than history records.

Welcome the changes. Yes, it may be painful. Granted, it frequently feels like a harsh, abrasive dentifrice. Imagine intensifying CMEs as a heliocentric hygienist, scraping off residual, centuries-old calcification.

Self worth and value will be measured by who you are rather than what you have or accomplish by mundane standards. Can you be a good friend to others? How will you survive and be happy with less?

Intention is a good thing. Manifestation of a new order will depend upon whether we can feel, embrace the vibration of the entire light spectrum, yet not recoiling into the shadows of fear like before.


Sunday, April 7, 2013



Over the past week, I've been conflicted. Do I keep quiet about inconvenient matters that get my hackles up, whereby maintaining a "popular kid on campus" status? Or, do I let 'er rip and suffer being relegated to the howling fringe where the rebellious malcontents go?

Our guides do provide pithy prodding when we least expect it. The answer to my conundrum came wrapped in a fortune cookie last night. The funny thing is---this aphorism had been reverberating in my noggin over and over this week. All it took was smashing the cookie to reveal its affirmative nugget of truth within.


Saturday, April 6, 2013


The authentic history of Atlantis has become a part of the collective MYTHOS. In other words, it's just a fairy tale. Plato recounted the story of Atlantis in his dialogue between Timaeus and Critias. Yet, unfortunately, like most vicious cycles that are learned not from, relegated to the cobwebs of a forgotten memory-bank, so, too, the fate of Atlantis.

Many of us Atlanteans have reincarnated to be placeholders maintaining ennobled principles held by the more enlightened of that time. We also hold within our cellular memory the catastrophobia suffered as a result of the great cataclysm. We are experiencing knee-jerk reactions at the moment in response to present newsreels depicting the love of science and technology overruling our compassion for humanity and the responsible stewardship of Earth.


Obama makes territorial plans with Israel, giving Iran the cold shoulder, then signs EU amalgamation deal all the while China is purchasing one-third of Ecuador for its oil? Here is a pithy prescient piece I scribed on 11 March 2013. The details are a little off---but, the big picture is coming into focus. Keep a close watch the dots are connecting....

Coincidence? I can't stop this feelin
g deep inside of me. I mentioned a while ago about the mysterious triangulation of events occurring right about now---the death of Hugo Chavez, the crowning of the new pope and Obama's trip to Israel next week. Are these disparate events somehow related? I think so.

Ok. Let's look at it this way---hypothetically, as it were. Chavez and Obama were not the best of friends. As a matter of fact, the President basically damaged bilateral relations with Venezuela due to his remarks about Chavez. Venezuela has HUGE oil fields. Now that Chavez has passed over, is there any real opposition thwarting the US from swooping down, siphoning off the South American oil reserves? Therefore, isn't it convenient that the new pope is from Argentina, a South American? How cozy? All that's needed is a little nod from the pope---you know, 'cause it might benefit the people of South America (especially the "poor")---and, VOILA!---the deal is blessed, signed, sealed and delivered.

How does Israel figure into all of this? Who knows. Yet, I feel as though there is a connection---though, I can't quite put my finger on it. Don't forget, the Vatican and Israel signed an agreement amongst themselves furthering Israel and Vatican relations. Thus, I plan on keeping my eyes riveted on the unfolding plot line. This is going to get very interesting.


MISSILE ENVY: Venus Conjunct Mars

TROPISM : JostFoto
The Venus-Mars conjunction tomorrow will be followed by the New Moon, Wednesday 10 April, around the same degree,  @ 21 Aries. SABIAN SYMBOL 21 ARIES: "A PUGILIST ENTERS THE RING: The release and glorification of social aggressiveness." ~ Rudhyar

Being at war with each other on the global stage is the projection of the inner conflict battling within individual psyches. The posturing of grand martial proclivities is a cover up for fearful man-children who have unresolved mommy-daddy injunctions. They just can't seem to reconcile the primordial struggle of the forceful animus getting along peaceably with the receptive anima. God forbid let's not say the word "vagina, vagina, vagina". Instead, let's frack ground and retaliate deploying yet another penis projectile. And, we sit by, turn the other cheek and condone actions that have the potential to wipe out the human race.

Thus, the infantile war-games and raping of our planet are continuing as planned, displaying acts of missile-envy, amassing a great show of wealth and prestige to garner fame and power---essentially, parental approval. Still, we sit by, turn the other cheek and condone actions that have the potential to wipe out the human race.

It comes down to a collective choice. Do we as a society buy into the lunacy one minute longer? Are we going to ride on the back of the bus enjoying the scene change along a path of destruction, making excuses for these little boys who are determined to bring about destruction? Does the "my dog is bigger than your dog" eat dog sing-song ditty hold any interest or entertainment value?

The new paradigm is in a crucial nexus of transmutating the overwhelming power and greed complex by overcoming crisis through compassion for ourselves, for others across borders, for Planet Earth.

Sunday, March 24, 2013



SKREYE #9: JostFoto

Christ Consciousness is the invisible morphogenetic field underpinning Sacred Geometry.   Sacred Geometry is idealized construction encoded with the "Language of Light" emanating from the sixth dimensional realm, replicating in 3D.   Lines and angles take form and shape on the "linear continuum".   No wonder indoctrinated humanity tends to think inside or outside a "box".

Uncoiling from the infinitesimal first dimension omphalos through our own navel center, the Grand Fibonacci Spiral whirls outward encompassing the vast astral-thalassic infinty, beyond comprehensive imagination.   Contrary to common thought, a square, a polyhedron, can fit within a circle.

Navigating the magnetism of like attracts like, think spherically in circular eddies rippling limitless beneficent source currency from whom all blessings flow. 

Friday, March 22, 2013



Mars conjuncts Uranus @ 9 degrees Aries today, 22 March 2013 @ 2:17 PM/EST.

Old Testament: The climate is fraught with powder keg moments. Loose cannons are packing, time bombs are ticking down. Where does one fear not to tread when the path is strewn with concealed mines detonating at every step, discombobulating the day-planner? It seems everywhere USA is populated by menacing psychic vampires lurking in the shadows with nothing better to do than steal joy---or worse. 

CODE RED ALERT: There is a crisis of many souls calling out to be loved, yet recoiling from the love of truth. The confused and forlorn are demonstrating peculiar ways of expressing their desperation.

The trick is not to be torn asunder by drama queen episodes and hysterical histrionics. Lost children, young and old are seeking solace, affirmation and promises of security, especially now as dream castles built upon shifting sand slowly erode away with each new wave of change rolling in on the shoreline between antithesis and synthesis. Even if one can muster keeping up appearances residing in the Wonderful World of Disney, the internal world feels like a jello mold. What are you going to do? Regardless, clinching with all might will not hold it together as the old, reliable mental and institutional constructs are simply becoming too small to contain anyone, anything, anymore. Get with the program.

New Testament: Maybe that's a good thing. The bolt out of the blue has the potential to be concentrated insight as opposed to volatile dynamite. Candidly, at this junction, the most revolutionary act is to practice the radical act of (dare I say it?)---PEACE, LOVE and COMPASSION. Rise above the mosh pit. In lieu of making the day about blowing someone away, become a placeholder anchoring a brighter future. Yes, that might mean suffering fools glady, which personally is an endurance test. Nevertheless, amidst the omnipresent gnashing of teeth and the self-righteous needy who aspire to be rightly so, an impelling desire to be of service by mobilizing an evolutionary process forward is fecund with an expanding BodyHeartMind perestroika.
Certainly, expect others to stay put, living in a "don't rock my world, show me" state. Never mind. Conduits for a New Renaissance Ascending, a nouveau NRA, are being transformed behind the scenes in the quantum, multidimensional field of vast potentialities.

Radiate. Illuminate. Gravitate.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013



The sun is @ 29 Pisces today: SURPRISE RELEASE

Today is poised on the anorectic of all anorectic degrees--the 360th degree of the grand zodiacal mandala. The beads of sweat upon the brow are condensation droplets of psycho-neuro-muscular tension that's been building for quite some time. Yet, just below the horizon, bordering an ever changing landscape of stone-faced archetypes, intransigent and ineffectual, the sun is approaching its break of dawn. Although, the nut has been tough to crack, gestating seeds of new thought-forms and innovative energy signatures are erupting through the telluric hoarfrost aiming high for heliotropic heroism.

ANORECTIC ANALOGY: The art of archery teaches "surprise release". Engaging the bow and arrow requires that you not know when the arrow is to be released. Good form is maintained by holding proper tension on the bow. Thus, when pulling back the arrow, aiming is the focus of concentration above all else---not by anticipating the moment when the arrow is released to meet its target.



Monday, March 18, 2013


PRISM #13 : JostFoto
The Second Coming will not feature Jesus Christ riding in to town astride a cumulonimbus cloud hurling thunderbolts of judgement and condemnation. Though I must say, what a spectacular production that would be.

The Last Supper Jesus sha
red with his 13 disciples, not 12, is a ritualized ennactment of Divine Logos alchemy. It is through the mindful intent of transubstiantiation that the trans-elementation of all that Jesus embodied, the Divine Mystery vibrationally encoded within his words, becomes assimilated. Ergo, a neo-numinous, neuro-linguistic-programming is disseminated subsequently changing the hearts and minds of the collective body electric.

I believe Jesus wanted to make us all adepts of the Divine Mystery. His teachings provided the tools to empower thus giving humanity the method by which through "discipl"ine of the heart and mind we, too, can manifest the miraculous. Jesus certainly didn't mean for the mystical eucharist to be owned and dictated by appointed pontificates.


The cosmic gridlock in Pisces is beginning to disentangle. Tomorrow, Tuesday 19 March 2013, the sun will be @ 29 Degrees Pisces, the anorectic degree of the grand zodiacal cycle. It's befitting the Sabian symbol for that cumulative nexus is: "LIGHT BREAKING INTO MANY COLORS AS IT PASSES THROUGH A PRISM: There is no absolute unity---if anything could be called "absolute" it is the relationship between the One and the Many."

"The truth is, indeed, that love is the threshold of another universe. Beyond the vibrations with which we are familiar, the rainbow-like range of its colours is still in full growth. But, for all the fascination that the lower shades have for us, it is only towards the "ultra" that the creation of light advances. It is in these invisible and, we might almost say, immaterial zones that we can look for true initiation into unity. The depths we attribute to matter are no more than the reflection of the peaks of spirit."
~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Monday, March 11, 2013


LiquidLight: JostFoto

Contemplating the navel focuses the center of attention upon the etheric umbilicus, the silver cord that connects one to the vast ontological ocean. The palpable "as above" heartbeat pulsating from the Galactic Center animates the planisphere as the biosphere imitates the grander schemata analogously "thus below". The Vitruvian Wo/Man Ascending both embodies and is suspended within the organic and liquid light thalassic womb---an embryo gestating within an amniotic sac, the cosmic egg comprehended.

Ever wonder why a prophet is not understood in his own home?
The New Moon @ 22 Pisces symbolizes a dissemination of peak experiences, canvassing the epiphanic AHA moment through language that can make the arcane applicable to everyday living.   However, not in language carved upon intransigent stone tablets and scribed into dogmatic codex and catechism.

New Moon Ritual Suggestion: Imagine you are a crystal being cleansed in salt water. Become psychically naked as you smudge away the build up of negative ions. As layer and layers of calcified armor, the protective coating dissolves in a saline solvent, the etheric liquid light body is liberated, returning home to the transplendent light of MultiVersal Unity.