Marathoners on their last leg, or anyone pushing through walls of self-imposed limitation experience an euphoria, the "runner's high". We live for those ecstatic thrills induced by extreme pleasure, while being absorbed by one or by an orchestral interplay of all five senses, the spirit-mind-body troika intensified.

ENDORPHINATION is so much more
than an organic, neurotransmitter cocktail of stimulated peptide hormones.


The natal astrology chart for an individual (or an event) is a portrait taken at the precise moment of birth when the moon and planets in their respective orbits around the sun construct a cosmic mandala against a star-studded galactic canvas, a blueprint unique to each soul’s expression and life journey. 

The design of one’s personal astrology is subject to change and revision as time goes by, sometimes compelling a complete transformation.  The ever-changing influences aroused by the celestial spheres’ eternal cycles of recurring patterns and conditional configurations create archetypal energy fields characterized by behavior, atmospheric condition and the gravity of a situation.

The Tarot is a deck of 78 cards that’s been used as a divination tool for centuries.  Each card is an analogous, pictorial metaphor representing life’s themes and plot lines.    Similar to an astrology chart, a tarot spread illustrates the people, places and conditions surrounding and affecting an individual.

You may ask: “what can I expect from a TAROSTROLOGY session?”

One’s biography becomes one’s biology.  TAROSTROLOGY is an intuitive blend of tarot-astrological divination that encourages biopsychic healing.

TAROSTROLOGY makes no claims about predicting the future.  TAROSTROLOGY is an interpretation of relevant potentialities.  Gaining a deeper understanding of urgings and promptings one may already sense will guide one toward spiritual integration, recovery and healing.

For example, one can’t change the past lived during this lifetime, or for that matter, past incarnations.  However, TAROSTROLOGY endeavors to bring awareness to events triggered by certain astrological aspects that may have resulted in psychological blocks stored in the body. Awareness of astrological tendencies that keep one locked in behavior patterns and repetitive cycles can assist in dissolving, releasing and absolving trauma pain and emotional wounds.

Then, living more dynamically in the present can begin.
The truth shall, indeed, set you free.
Think of a TAROSTROLOGY reading as a "tap on the shoulder" assisting one to consider, and perhaps discover alternate routes leading toward infinite possibilities in the future.

"Jost van Dyke is an original thinker, with amazing intuitive insight.  I have been fortunate in receiving the full focus of Jost's intuitive brilliance.  He is a caring, compassionate reader, filled with love in all he does and I think his understanding of astrology is top-notch.  I would recommend Jost and his work to anyone.  He has my *Haunted Housekeeping Seal of Approval*."  :)

Andrew Brewer, "The Rock n Roll Psychic"
Listed in Multiple Publications as One of the "Top 100 Psychics in the World"

ASTROMANTRA:  If looking for another option, your natal chart can be distilled into a musical snapshot.  When I study a chart, it begins to vibrate.  I quiet my own mind so as to skry what is being "sung".  It's as if I hear the orchestrated interplay encoded within astrological aspects.  Some of the pieces are intoned immediately.  Others take a little more concentration.  Maybe the Music of the Spheres is singing to me.

There is work to do, though, for the "interpretation" is up to you.  Meaning, you must take the time to actually listen to the ASTROMANTRA. The divination is co-creative.

Thus, an ASTROMANTRA is a musical silhouette; it is not a delineated astrological analysis of the chart.  The correlation between your natal chart and a personalized piece of music then becomes an energetic signature---a mantra.  It's an interpretive musical impression, as it were.  So, when words fail, or compel the mind to get in the way of too much analytical cerebration, the vibrational imprint of your personal ASTROMANTRA is an attunement reference that one can return to time and time again.  You will experience an affinity for this music that will deeply resonate in ways no words can express.  The ASTROMANTRA helps keep you "in tune".

"..thank you thank you thank you -- what a beautiful piece, which truly speaks to me. . . I love it !!

 -- and even though I helped plant the idea in young Mr. Van Dyke's mind that he should include (this) astro-mantra in his astrological readings, it is safe to say there is no one like Jost in matching the spirit of the person with the spirit of the music . . . thank you, Jost, once again !!!"

~ Andrew Brewer, "The Rock n Roll Psychic"

"Look what Jost Van Dyke suggested I sing for Christmas at the chuch. Boy is he amazing!   He is right on the money!   He even pegged my singing voice correctly!   Yep, he's clairvoyant!   Yes he is... And a good and wonderful friend whom I am fortunate to have! Thank you, dear one!  You ARE the radar!"

~ Sheila Coleman-Castells, President/CEO Sangha Consulting, LLC
The Washington Clairvoyant,

"Thank You again Jost Van Dyke for my amazing ASTROMANTRA. This piece of music resonates deeply to me, and stirs my Soul. This is truly a unigue manifestation 'blend' of your incredible and unusual gifts. Very powerful indeed, and I urge anyone looking for something that 'sings to their Soul' to check this out for themselves."

~ Alicia Kent, Transformationalist at Akasha Bloom,!/AkashaBlooming

Registered Jin Shin Do Acupressurist,

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AstroMantra $30 

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"He doesn't give himself enough credit -- even though he seems (to me anyway) to be pretty amazing at a LOT of different things. I feel as if I am smart enough to know who's "legit". Mr. Jost Van Dyke is a VERY talented astrologer/seer--he truly is--with a beautiful heart.  And, I think there is always room at the psychic banquet table for more talented, compassionate "readers".  Jost is definitely that!!  He has my 'Haunted Housekeeping SEAL of Approval' !!"
~ Andrew Brewer, Rock n Roll Psychic
Listed in Multiple Publications as One of the "Top 100 Psychics in the World"

"A blog I highly recommend, Jost is a valued friend of mine and in my opinion, one *in-tune* individual. I always enjoy reading his blog posts and what he shares (here on Facebook).
I requested my personal AstroMantra from my dear Jost Van Dyke. I arrived home from work and spent an hour listening to this wonderful piece "Eroica". From the documentary leading into the musical notes that followed, my skin tingled and I felt a vibrant sensation and a plethora of emotions as the symphony unfolded. The AstroMantra I have been blessed with from Jost more then exceeded any expectation I had. I will not get into detail but he shared a write up with this piece he presented to me that has validated what many have said to me over the years and has truly helped me grasp some feelings I have in reference to my life's journey. This AstroMantra is a gift I will cherish and refer to on a daily basis and yes Jost I will be listening to Debussy's LA MER and getting a copy of the CD you suggested, thank you! This truly resonates with me and I feel the vibe! :)"
Aquaman OceanDefender,

"Could you use a bolt of inspiration? Let me recommend Jost Van Dyke, who just zapped me up with a jolt of genius that has opened my eyes, mind and horizons. Quick, insightful, articulate and fun!"
~ Kathy Biehl, Astrologer and Owner at  Empowerment Unlimited

"SO left-brained sexy!"

~ Allie Cheslick, Allie Cheslick Spiritual Medium/Teacher

"I have received readings from Jost over the years; and, I so much appreciate the way he always reaches for the deeper understanding that assists me in making sense of my current situation.  His brilliant mind shines in his unique grasp of astrology.  He has an amazing ability to not only provide a timely and precise astrological reading, but also combines it with an intuitive understanding that is not just a transfer of information, but a rich cosmic portrait that relates to my past, present and future.  Jost's razor sharp wit and delightful sense of humor make it a joy to receive a reading from him."

~ Melody Harris
Intuitive Reader
Reiki Master III, Specializing in Distant Reiki
Certified in SOUL COACHING®

"Jost van Dyke, YOU are the Great Attractor, engaging everyone who is blessed to know your healing energy!  Please, know that I see how brilliant you are.  WOW!  AWESOME reading with Jost, his combination of astrology, tarot & intuition is HEAVEN on earth!  TAROSTROLOGY will become a star as YOU are."

~ Grace Grella
Professional Intuitive/Host of Award-winning Cable Show

"Wow!  That was an incredible reading you did for me.  Just right!  ♥  Thank you from the top, bottom, both sides and smack dab in the middle of my heart dear one!!!!  You ROCK!!!  ♥"

~ Glenna Erikson-Bain
Evolutionary Astrologer and Dreamworker

"Jost, your ASTROMANTRA was so deeply touching for me!  I was speeechless and brought to tears. It was as if you had held up an ancient mirror of my soul, my life and all of my past lives! Thank you so very much for musically touching my humanity and stretching my spirituality.   I will listen to it regularly to help me each day and especially when I am frustrated with life, lives and the human condition! You are so terribly gifted my heart shudders at your light. I want to feel this everyday!  I mean every word of it!"

~ Ann Radtke-Curry
Oracle and Personal Coach, Oracle Life Coaching
Reiki Master, Trauma Release Specialist, NLP Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist