Marathoners on their last leg, or anyone pushing through walls of self-imposed limitation experience an euphoria, the "runner's high". We live for those ecstatic thrills induced by extreme pleasure, while being absorbed by one or by an orchestral interplay of all five senses, the spirit-mind-body troika intensified.

ENDORPHINATION is so much more
than an organic, neurotransmitter cocktail of stimulated peptide hormones.

STUDiO ENDORphiLATES: Pilates by Jost

"Discover your inner PowerHouse"
Matwork ENDORphiLATES incorporates traditional yoga with Matwork Pilates through an exhilarating choreographed flow.  Reformer ENDORphiLATES strives to celebrate the simplicity and genius of Joseph Pilates' seminal wellness apparatus and unique, innovative discipline.  Based upon the basic principles of Pilates CONTROLOGY, ENDORphiLATES concentrates on postural alignment, flexibility, breath control, and synchronized body-mind execution---the joy of being present in one's body-mind.  The precision regimen trains and fosters a keen kinesthetic awareness while building strength, stamina, lean, sculpted muscle mass and inspired willpower.
At STUDiO ENDORphiLATES, you exercise while you learn.

Available privately and semi-privately for individual and/or small group hands on, specialized training.  All levels welcome.  STUDiO ENDORphiLATES does not offer class packages.  Each individual or semi-private session is scheduled beforehand via the studio calendar, payable at the door.  Please consult your physician or physical therapist before attending your first session.
Reformer Semi-private training: $35/per session
Reformer Private: $70/per session
STUDiO ENDORphiLATES is located at 1690 Raymond Diehl Road, B6
Tallahassee, Florida


"Jost is incredibly graceful, lithe and strong. With a well-earned reputation for offering incredibly challenging, yet light-spirited classes, Jost is a role model for the men and women who attend the advanced classes. The depth of his ability as an instructor emerges, however, not only in his personal skills in performing complicated and difficult Pilates movements. Instead, his instruction is marked most notably by his ability to notice and respond to individuals around the room, to demonstrate options as necessary.

As a former aerobics instructor and aerobics center director, I find the kind of balance of extraordinary expertise in the discipline that Jost demonstrates, with the willingness to step away from his own performance to help others achieve at their level, crucial to the success of an exercise class. Unfortunately, it is also rare.

I have joined health clubs everywhere I have lived, and have gravitated to the most challenging instructors of aerobics and other forms of group exercise to complement running and swimming. It is with honesty that I say, Mr. Jost van Dyke is the most effective and talented instructor with whom I have had the pleasure of taking classes. He is a teacher first--then, an absolutely amazing example of the beauty of Pilates. He encourages us all to move from one point to the next on what he refers to as 'the journey' ."
~ Dr. Pamela S. Carroll, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Mack and Effie Campbell Tyner Distinguished Professor
College of Education
Florida State University


"A number of my patients have seemed to benefit from Pilates classes with Mr. Jost van Dyke.  They report pain reduction and health improvement through his structured regimen of core strengthening exercises.  They describe his training routine to be consistent and thorough, offering group and individual supervision, modifications for those with limitations, and cues for appropriate breathing."
~ John Ness, M. D.


"You have taught the importance of taking time for our body, our mind, and essentially our soul.  Your classes are phenomenal and we look forward to being in Tallahassee again so that we can attend your classes.  We have highly recommended you to our colleagues and friends because you are one of the best and you are a gifted instructor, Jost."
~ Rene Garcia, State Representative
 District 110, Florida


"Jost is a very gifted teacher.  Unlike some Pilates teachers who develop a certain routine and do it over and over again, Jost is always coming up with creative new ideas and changing around his routines so that they do not get stale, so that there are constantly new challenges for the students.  He is always encouraging and nurturing, while also challenging us to work to our limit.

I have taken Pilates from many other teachers, many of whom were excellent, but I can honestly say that Jost's classes are the best from any viewing angle.  He not only communicates great enthusiasm and love for his work, but he has a clear way of explaining to his students how to move and maintain proper form, and most importantly, how to prevent injury while exercising.  When I leave Jost's classes, I feel that I have worked every muscle to the maximum.  Jost includes a great deal of stretching and limbering, which he weaves skillfully into his general routines.  I feel 10 years younger, stronger and more flexible--or in another words, The Pilates ideal."
~ Randall E. Denker, Attorney at Law


"Jost van Dyke is a true Pilates professional who arrives for each class with both a prepared routine, and an obvious joy for teaching Pilates.  Our class with Jost is an intensive workout, to be sure, but his instructional comments and sense of humor make his classes both interesting and enjoyable.  Jost brings an energy to Pilates that is contagious, and my wife and I find ourselves easily swept along with him through his fast-paced workouts.

Another strength of Jost, is that he is attentive to the less experienced students in his classes.  Jost does not sacrifice the intensity of a class because there are several newcomers in attendance (much to my dismay!).  He is careful to offer less demanding options, with encouragement, to his new students.
I have nothing but praise for Jost as my Pilates instructor; and, I am certain my judgement is shared by his loyal following among my classmates."
~ Gary P. Hansen, M.D.
 North Florida Nephrology Associates


"As a competitive triathlete, I have found Jost van Dyke's unique Pilates style to be a very important part of my training regimen.  I have found Pilates and yoga to be particularly critical as an aging triathlete many over 40 athletes would benefit from adding Jost's particular style of Pilates to their weekly training regimen."
~Lorrane Ausley, Former member 2000-2008 
 Florida House of Representatives
District 9


"I have been doing boot camp and weight resistance training for a couple of years; and, I had never tried Pilates in the past, simply because I felt it was not intense enough for me.  However, after trying a session taught by Jost, I was very challenged and energetic finishing the class.  He is an amazing instructor and very passionate about his class.

Jost's energy is very contagious and he is always willing to answer questions or find solutions.  His positive spirit and living a healthy lifestyle is very evident as he ensures everybody benefits from his classes.  His sense of fun, creativity and welcome always fills the air---people are excited to be there.

I know I have found the one who will truly challenge me and I have already started to see the differences in my inner core muscles, as well as the rest of my body.  I strongly recommend Jost van Dyke as a Pilates instructor for anyone who is seeking to be fit and healthy.  I strongly believe he is the BEST!"
~ Patty Ghazvini, PharmD
Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University- FAMU