Marathoners on their last leg, or anyone pushing through walls of self-imposed limitation experience an euphoria, the "runner's high". We live for those ecstatic thrills induced by extreme pleasure, while being absorbed by one or by an orchestral interplay of all five senses, the spirit-mind-body troika intensified.

ENDORPHINATION is so much more
than an organic, neurotransmitter cocktail of stimulated peptide hormones.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


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To those of you out there who are enduring the venomous, psychic napalm attacks from friends and family, sometimes coming out of the "enlightened" left field, you are not alone.  As many of us break with traditional interrelationship patterns, the exception to the rule is that truth threatens the huddled masses who flock together around the campfire exchanging group delusions.  We, The Cognitive Dissidents, are disrupting tribal cohesiveness by standing in empowered authenticity recanting from the fringe.
All this hoopla-talk of "a change we can believe in" emerges with a price tag.   A huge price tag. There is a spiritual bootcamp in store that requires facing the shadow material of the psyche. The gestalt psyche incorporating the individual in relationship to the collective is being called to undergo an intensive psycho-spiritual fire and brimstone process.  No one can pass the buck blaming the other one.  If we want to get out of this alive, we must burn off the dross of residual fear and anger keeping us locked away in separation.  We're ALL in this together---no one is immune nor exempt.
Reflect and apply within.
Amidst the strenuous, ongoing Uranus and Pluto square, we are being challenged to review our relationship with everything/everyone in the 3D field of duality.   The bright light of truth (Uranus) is dissolving the mortar of lies and deception upon which our present reality constructs were built (Pluto).   That's got to be alarming and rather inconvenient.   Granted, it's not an easy task while all around you the world is being dismantled and deconstructed, the clangor of gnashing teeth deafening the senses.   Even in the best of times, the catabolic alchemy of individuation is not for the faint-hearted.   Thus when one is brought to the kneecaps, prostrate, face to face with the blood and guts of personal "salvation", we can't look to the engineered political savior, nor the latest techno thingy to help pray the muck and guck away.
"...what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you."  ~ Gospel of St. Thomas
Socio-cultural progress, of which we are integral ingredients, does not come with the enchantment wave of a magic wand.   There is a dialectic interplay of thesis, antithesis, creation and destruction to contend with before new forms of synthesis take shape (Saturn in Scorpio).  Have you ever observed a super highway under construction?   Remain calm, "50-50 fire and ice", breathe, stay in your center of being as you accomplish the tasks put before you (as ugly as that might be).  When the emotional, psychic geyser feels as though it's about to erupt---and, it will---practice patient forbearance before gouging a loved one another cavity.  During those times when darkness pervades and oppressive forces suffocate, increase your luminosity, inhale Divine Grace and exhale compassion.   Be the placeholder for the spiritual warrior's credo:
"We Are The Ones We've been Waiting For". 
MetaPhysician, Heal Thyself.


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