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Sunday, February 10, 2013



Natal Chart for Year of the Black Water Snake
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Who said I was traditional. I like to breathe fresh prana into old concepts and see what materializes. Studying the non-traditional, self-designed horary chart for the commencement of Year of the Black Water Snake, one of the most interesting configurations I see are two interlocking obtuse triangles. From the perspective of the ASC and the IC: Obtuse Triangle One is comprised of Saturn sextile Pluto sextile Mars, Mercury and Chiron. Obtuse Triangle Two is constructed by Venus sextile Uranus sextile Jupiter.   Notice how the two triangles form a bowl stting right at the bottom of the Aquarian-Pisces ocean floor.  <The plot thickens> Saturn at the same respective point as Venus forms a square, as does Pluto squaring Uranus at their respective points. Have I lost you? Just wait---it looks as though Saturn and Venus are playing the role of PREDATOR. While, Pluto and Uranus could very well be the BETRAYER. Interesting----betrayer and predator themes. Sound familiar?
The cosmic planetary pile-up in Pisces at the onset of this new year signifies "black water" in the telluric realm, meaning further oceanic crises (Neptune in Pisces).  The polluted waters of the deep individual/collective unconscious are riddled with unprocessed shadow vestiges seeking the purification act, integrating the dark recesses of the psyche at the expanding, accelerating speed of light (Chiron in Pisces).  The concrete representation of reality constructs (Pluto in Capricorn) that have become too confining, much too small for enlightened minds (Uranus in Aries) to behold and be held by are still dismantling.  From the sidelines, Saturn in transformational Scorpio is overseeing the soul alchemy process with a stern hand ensuring everyone gets with the program. 
Of course, it's not easy. That's why not everyone will be up for the ordeal. There will be sorrow, heartbreak, tightening the reins, why all those needful things that are inherent within evolutionary syntheses.  The price tag for the rewards dawning on the horizon are tremendous.  However---"To whom much is given, much is required."

I don't want to be a SPOILER. However, it looks like the narrative surrounds the protection of water as the root of ALL living processes. Period. Next, if we're ever to survive, we need to shed the skin of an aggrandized display of power by adopting a more compassionate social concern for the less evolved. There must be a combined effort to preserve meaningful archetypes in our existing cultures without destroying obstacles. Maintaining an aggressive relationship to the natural world will kill us all. 
With that said:

Happy New Year of the Black Water Snake!   May this be the year aggression, dominance and territoriality, those lower instinctual motivations associated with the reptilian brain, are quickened into a refined enlightenment. Could it be the much feared, maligned biblical serpent is an admonishing symbolic embodiment of the writhing negative attributes above?   Thus, may we demonstrate the empowerment of "to thine own self be true" by being a virtuous paragon while relinquishing sense of entitlement through a compassionate social concern for the less evolved.   May we summon the nascent humanity that has been stored away in our muscles, bones, fascia, DNA, pineal whereby birthing a new biopsychic, liquid-light body race.   May this herald a new world emerging.   Even if it's just a high-minded thought for now, may we envision a world where there is cooperation with the natural beauty and cycles of Gaia, without borders, where everyone is an egalitarian philosopher regent upholding the apotheosis of LOGOS, ETHOS, PATHOS.



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    1. Here is the comments thread to which Aquaman refers to above:

      "What's even more interesting, in view of present conditions in the New York metro area---the location for this chart is New, New York. What about the Venus-Saturn square. With Saturn in Scorpio, it's the collective heartbreak and suffering that will ultimately lead to a transformation---oh, but what a huge price tag! Oh, yes to Pluto infrastructure squaring Uranus in the fourth. In addition to Texas Tea spill---I still think Benghazi---Blackwater Academi???"

      This chart was cast a few weeks after Hurricane Sandy. The New York metro area was still enduring hardship. What's also interesting, is that I mention Blackwater Academi and a Texas oil spill. The recent Arkansas oil spill was close by and Blackwater Academi has certainly returned to the news of late, too. I didn't include those topics specifically in the chart reading; however, the two are inferred. Should've been more specific in the forecast---oh, well.

  2. When the blog above "KUNDALINI OR SNAKE IN THE GRASS?" was first published I shared my opinion on a Facebook thread in response to it. I was drawn to this blog immediately and it has been a constant reminder to me and a postI read often.

    I am not in any way able to interpret the chart but I will shared my thoughts. As I am not well versed in Astrology, nor am I a psychic much of the terminology is like a foreign language to me.

    As I read the words above in the blog and the thread, a phrase and a word stuck out to me: The phrase; "present conditions in the New York metro area" and the word; "Infrastructure". Now I can't say what all the connecting lines in the chart above mean and the obviously form a "bowl", from a layman's view I would see New York as the focal point of a message that is being sent. That message to me is "Nemo" & "Sandy" and the future threats from our changing planet. Infrastructure plays a part as with the current dangers being faced the vulnerability of our society is exposed by the power of Mother Nature. So to me this is a "cosmic warning" to humanity that we must change our ways, in short, we are no longer "in tune" with the natural cycles of the universe. Being an ocean planet it would not seem out of the question that a "warning" would come from a "deep ocean" chart as you defined it as Jost.

    In regards to infrastructure I have stated many times over the years as has our esteemed friend Andrew Brewer, that we are lacking in this area. In fact I have also stated that we also need to return to a more "natural" based infrastructure in addition to upgrading current infrastructures to work in unison with nature. In a way only Mother Nature and the cosmos can do, a message is being sent, it is up to us humans to connect the dots. As you well know I am grounded in environmentalism and for many years been entrenched in a solely black and white science based world.

    Roughly 10 years ago I met Andrew Brewer and it was my first interaction with an individual from the psychic community (that I find to be uber empathic, open, sensitive, loving, strong, wise, encouraging, honest and much more), it was a changing point in my life for the better. I now share this that I find to be true after contemplating the meaning of this chart:

    To me each of us have talents we bring to the table and in my opinion individuals from the psychic community are the "alarm system" of this planet and can identify such dangerous event through your gifts of these charts, visionary talents and simply being "in tune" with life. The messages coming from this community must be respected and embraced for numbers do not lie and far to often the law of averages and mathematics proves this to be true.

    Through the gifts of the psychic community others become inspired, empowered, and yes validated. These gifts are also reciprocal as as the actions of those that receive the gifts presented to them by you more often then not lead to positive change creating a win/win scenario for humanity and Mother Nature.

    So I feel that ten years ago I was meant to cross paths with Andrew and in turn meet you Jost, bringing individuals together that the "powers that are" so very much wish to keep apart. I know the psychic community has been a tremendous gift to me and I am a better person because of it. A connected society informed not by mass media and puppeteer politicians but by honest communications within connecting communities. Maybe, just maybe, the individual this chart belongs to is a reincarnation of an Atlantean savior...just a thought...

  3. Thank you, Aquaman, for your compelling reply. You mention the chart could very well be a reincarnation of an Atlantean savior. Here is a link to an ENDORphiNATION blog post regarding Atlantis as a phoenix rising:

    1. Another favorite of mine, thank you Jost for your ever enlightening words!