Marathoners on their last leg, or anyone pushing through walls of self-imposed limitation experience an euphoria, the "runner's high". We live for those ecstatic thrills induced by extreme pleasure, while being absorbed by one or by an orchestral interplay of all five senses, the spirit-mind-body troika intensified.

ENDORPHINATION is so much more
than an organic, neurotransmitter cocktail of stimulated peptide hormones.

Sunday, April 7, 2013



Over the past week, I've been conflicted. Do I keep quiet about inconvenient matters that get my hackles up, whereby maintaining a "popular kid on campus" status? Or, do I let 'er rip and suffer being relegated to the howling fringe where the rebellious malcontents go?

Our guides do provide pithy prodding when we least expect it. The answer to my conundrum came wrapped in a fortune cookie last night. The funny thing is---this aphorism had been reverberating in my noggin over and over this week. All it took was smashing the cookie to reveal its affirmative nugget of truth within.


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