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Friday, April 12, 2013


Pithy Prescient Perspicacity 41213:

Pluto Retrograde 2013

Courtesy of Wombania
The institutionalization of religio-politico ideology has become inextricably entwined.  It has gone according to a well-conceived plan in order to keep humanity in line with an engineered program of disempowerment, yet under the guise of being otherwise. The intellectual pursuit of empirical knowledge, supposedly furthering the evolution of our species, has fostered science and technology, a glorified, one-eyed Cyclops attendant upon wealth and culture, subsidized by and furthering the agenda of the elite plutocracy.

What purpose is the advancement of civilization if humanity is out of touch with the conscious mind of Planet Earth?  Can we justify great progress at the cost of proper stewardship?  Why is there more attention given to the newest touch screen, plugged into the most current playlist rather than being enraptured by the wondrous beauty of Nature?  Are we so out of synch with the rhythmic current of the biosphere?  Could sub-terrestrial rumblings be likened to the utz feeling in the pit of the gut when sensing something is inexplicably not above board?  Is that the stench of mendacity in the air, a tell-tale sign of merchandized mutant crops, putrid pipelines, reckless endangerment? 

Over the next five months, we might see more mobilized masses marching to the beat of their own drum, out of step with the authoritarian drone of church, state and "expedient" scientific propaganda.  Don't be surprised if revered religious and political leaders are caught by the trappings instilled within by-laws they defend.  Hopefully, green will replace the primary reds and blues that blend into a more lavender hue, or encompass the whole rainbow spectrum. Grassroots directives will provide a more sustainable use of intellectual curiosity that benefits in lieu of detriments. Consider the splendor of grass bursting through cracks in cement and asphalt.
Isn't it amusing that a planet possessing four moons more than Earth should be demoted, dismissed to ineffectual dwarf status by the science club?  Expect Comedy Central when Pluto rises up from the depths, grabs and bites them all in the lower extremities.


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