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Sunday, May 19, 2013


Van Zandt Ellis aka DAVID: Photo by Mary K. Burnitt, 1987
Before Whitley Streiber published his book, COMMUNION, in 1987, there was a period of four years while living in Manhattan, beginning in 1984, when I, too, had, shall we say, Interdimensional exchanges. During these astral body exchanges, seeds of consciousness were implanted within my inner landscape by Interdimensional Entities.

These "seeds" have been gestating as I've been integrating, individuating over the last 29 years.

Granted, the concept seems like science fiction. I assure you it is not. I have a quite noticeable gash resembling Harry Potter's lightening bolt birthmark, running from the top of my forehead to the ajna/pineal center, appearing after one of the many astral "download exchanges".

During this intensive four-year period, I did extensive spiritual work with trans-channel and pianist, Van Zandt Ellis. Van Zandt was brilliant, eccentric, visionary---a Fulbright scholar who became a protege of Ilona Kabos and the pianist-titan, Julius Katchen. He was a semi-finalist in the International Tchaikovsky Competition, Moscow, 1971. On the spiritual side, Van Zandt was a close friend and pupil of the late, great Jane Roberts. Before she transitioned, Ms. Roberts handed over the mantle of SETH to Van Zandt who could then continue giving a voice to the non-localized consciousness we know as Seth.

Van Zandt also traveled extensively in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, South America, Indonesia and Pacific. As a matter of fact, in his many travels to the Great Pyramid, he made friends with the guards there. In Van Zandt's inimitable way, he charmed the sentry allowing him to climb to the top of the pyramid after hours. This provided an opportunity for him to commune and meditate at midnight under the stars. It was on one of his treks to the Great Pyramid that he had an idea to scale the construct and drop a rose quartz crystal of mine through an aperture at the finial. Thus, thanks to him, there is a piece of Jost van Dyke implanted within the bowels of the Great Pyramid. Little did I know at the time, there was a method to Van Zandt's madness.

I had the great good fortune to be a member of a small group that would convene every third Friday in Van Zandt's Greenwich Village apartment. Quite similar to Seth and Bashar sessions, we had the privilege to participate in the transmission of information years before the material became more mainstream. DAVID was the primary non-localized consciousness Van Zandt transmitted, though SETH and other non-locals would drop in making frequent appearances, as well.

After my beloved friend and mentor, Van Zandt transitioned, embarking on his "grandest adventure" yet, I lost touch with the coterie of individuals who worked with DAVID, as well. It's been over 25 years since we last convened. However, a couple of weeks ago, I received in the mail, quite inexplicably, serendipitously woo woo, a CD with over 13 hours of recorded sessions in which I participated. How in the world did this treasure find its way to me? Only DAVID and Van Zandt know for sure.

I AM in the process of transcribing isolated kernels from these sessions. I AM delighted to share these with the ENDORphiNATION community.

As was foretold years ago, these "seed downloads" are now being activated and coming to fruition. Here is a brief excerpt taken from a session in 1984:

"You will each remember from certain future dream activity, pacts of energy transmitted directly into your body. It will be an alignment of certain beliefs which can expand your Nature and further the range of your sensitivity. There will be ones among you who will begin to do work in the astral body in a more conscious way. It will be work augmented at this time (1984) because of connections that have recently been made. There are going to be certain dream visitations in which you are exchanging forms of energy with other types of Beings.

There will be the seeding of a new landscape. It will be ONE PERSONAL ONE. It will be ONE PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION. It will be the RETURN OF THE ONE SOURCE---GOD BEING ALL."


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  1. How very strange, and yes "woo-woo", to stumble upon this. I was in at the very beginning of Van Zandt's group, and for several years talked to him daily on the phone, sometimes for hours. We were "soul mates" of a very special kind. I might even be on some of those CD excerpts that you have. I moved to Germany in 1987, so grew away from the group. I've recently been in touch with Michael Sabanosh again, another early member and long-time close friend of Van Zandt's.