Marathoners on their last leg, or anyone pushing through walls of self-imposed limitation experience an euphoria, the "runner's high". We live for those ecstatic thrills induced by extreme pleasure, while being absorbed by one or by an orchestral interplay of all five senses, the spirit-mind-body troika intensified.

ENDORPHINATION is so much more
than an organic, neurotransmitter cocktail of stimulated peptide hormones.

Monday, May 20, 2013

There are those who first see the dawn breaking through darkness. They can't contain the enthusiasm for what they behold. They earnestly endeavor to arouse and awaken those who still slumber, ignorant to the imminent light approaching. "What's this you're saying? Leave me alone! It's too early. Can't you see we're trying to sleep?" Ignorance and denial cast an umbrage over an inevitability.

Then as the light becomes prevalent at a later hour, the sleepers awaken and exclaim, "Oh, look here is the sun!" as if they're the ones seeing it for the first time.

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